The UC Food Observer chooses some important stories for you to read each work day.

On today’s menu, in no particular order:

1. Two scoops are better than one. Our friends over @gastropodcast have put together a sweet story about ice cream. If you’re new to Gastropod, be ready for an exquisite and tasteful experience learning about the world of food through the lens of science and history. The site features excellent visual curation, superb writing and a fine podcast (about 45 minutes in length). Come hungry … you’ll want to savor every bite! Cynthia Graber (@cagraber) and Nicola Twilley (@nicolatwilley) co-host.

Pair with this fine and incredibly informative piece about the science of ice cream, prepared by Bryan Petroff (@BryanPetroff) and Douglas Quint (@GotTheShakes) for Lucky Peach (@LuckyPeach). Petroff and Quint consult with scientist Kim Brisack to explain the science behind what we do in our kitchens. This article inspired us to begin reading Big Gay Ice Cream: Saucy Stories & Frozen Treats: Going All the Way with Ice Cream, co-authored by Petroff and Quint with a foreword by Anthony Bourdain (@Bourdain). #goodread and we’re enjoying the recipes and a new ice cream maker.

2. Federal judge says ‘food production is not a private matter.’ This opinion piece – Exposing Abuse on the Factory Farm – discusses “ag-gag” laws. Seven states have such laws on the books. Recently, a federal judge struck down Idaho’s ag-gag law, saying it violated the First Amendment; this is the first time a federal court has offered an opinion on this kind of legislation. The editorial has a nice bit of history about food safety in the U.S. that references Upton Sinclair’s classic exposé of the meat-packing industry, The Jungle. Lots to consider here. From the New York Times.

3. ICYMI … The point of no return: climate change nightmares are already here. Eric Holtaus (@EricHoltaus) writes a sobering piece for Rolling Stone. Holtaus is a meteorologist who writes for Slate; he is one of our go-to sources for information about weather and climate.

4. Hot stuff. The McIlhenny Co., which makes Tabasco sauce, is launching a restaurant enterprise called 1868 to help celebrate the company’s sesquicentennial. The menu will feature Cajun dishes and will eventually expand to include international cuisines that incorporate Tabasco sauce. A really interesting story by @BrennaHouck for Eater.

5. Research: butter. “It’s very rare for an industry-funded study to find something that goes against the interests of that industry,” said Marion Nestle (@marionnestle) in this piece appearing in The Washington Post. In this case, it happened. Roberto Ferdman (@robferdman) reports.

6. Seven ways to mitigate global food loss. Kai Goerlich for Forbes.

7. Is organic farming diametrically opposed to genetics? UC Davis plant geneticist Pam Ronald doesn’t think so. ICYMI, read our informative Q&A.

Have a great day!