The first craft brewery operation opened in San Diego 1989; since then, the region’s craft beer industry has grown exponentially. Today, there are nearly 100 breweries throughout the county. And University of California San Diego alum are playing a vital role in that growth, using science to create new products – and new markets – for locally-produced beverages. Read the UC San Diego story here.

Craft breweries are growing the local economy:

“A study last year by the National University System Institute for Policy Research estimated that in 2011, San Diego craft breweries generated $299.5 million direct regional economic impact, as well as $680.9 million in sales. To put that number in perspective, Comic-Con International generates a $180 million regional economic impact, the report stated.”

And UC alumni are using scientific methods to enhance the art of brewing:

“Successful brewers have notebooks full of records of everything from pH at 10 stages in the process of beer-making to what the finished beer smelled like. The synthesis of all of that data into an understanding of how to repeat the process and improve upon it next time requires both science and art.”

A fun read.