We hope you’re having a great day. Here’s a quick run down of some important and interesting stories we think you should read. And check this space tomorrow for a terrific interview with Katie Blanchard of Real Food Challenge. Our conversation with her inspired us…and we think it will inspire you.


ICYMI, inside the life of an apple picker. Across the nation, an estimated 70,000 workers harvest apples each fall. “The truth is, every apple that you see in the supermarket is picked by hand.” Dan Charles has crafted an absolutely exquisite read for NPR’s The Salt. He follows the apple harvest in Adams County, Pennsylvania and interviews a number of incredibly interesting people, including farm worker Jose Martinez. There is so much content in our virtual lives: slow down and savor this piece.


More bacon. Nutritionist Andy Bellatti comments on the World Health Organization’s announcement about the link between consumption of some meats and cancer. His message: there’s a media frenzy, but the “core message shouldn’t be ignored.” Appearing in Civil Eats; this is an important read. We like Bellatti’s work; read our Q&A with him here. Go-to source Marion Nestle provides another thoughtful take on the issue. Her Food Politics blog provides excellent historical context for the WHO’s statement. It also links in valuable commentary on our nation’s recent discussions about the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee; that group recommended eating less meat for health and for reasons of environmental sustainability.


Sugar research. Obese children’s health rapidly improves with sugar reduction unrelated to calories. The study by a UC San Francisco team including Dr. Robert Lustig offers a stunning finding: calories are not created equal. #acalorieisnotacalorie  And cutting sugar can improve children’s health in as few as ten days. Anahad O’Connor for the The New York Times Well Blog(We like O’Connor’s work; follow him on Twitter).



Have a great afternoon. We’ll see you tomorrow.