We apologize for a late, shorter Daily Wrap today. We ran into some technical difficulties with a hardworking computer that’s seen a lot of miles and had some epic adventures. It’s resting quietly now and we’re hoping for a full recovery. Huge shout out to Lily W. and Fed Ex for coming to our rescue!


School lunches: do kids hate them? A Review piece by Kate Murphy entitled “Why Students Hate School Lunches” appeared in Sunday’s New York Times. School lunch advocate Bettina Elias Siegel – who writes an incredibly good blog, The Lunch Tray – strongly  disagrees with that premise. You can read her rebuttal to the New York Times piece here. We’re hoping that the New York Times prints the letter she’s penned. If not, Siegel promises that we can read it on her blog. We’ll be sure to include the link, either way.


Food environment. Why eating in America today is like playing Candy Crush. Thoughtful perspective piece by Margo Wootan from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Incredibly relatable #goodread. For more information about the food environment, read our Q&A with UC ANR researchers and educators Lucia Kaiser and Dorina Espinoza.


Q&A with California State Food and Ag Board president Craig McNamara. In a wide-ranging interview, McNamara talks conservation, how he uses hedgerows and the importance of agricultural education. McNamara has advised the last three governors in the Golden State, so there’s a bit of politics, too. Nice interview by Eric Holst for the Environmental Defense Fund, appearing on the CDFA Planting Seeds blog. (One of our favorite reads). McNamara and his wife co-founded the Center for Land-Based Learning (CLBL); read our Q&A with CLBL executive director Mary Kimball.


Have a great afternoon and evening!