Perspective is everything. In this thoughtful piece, Public Radio International (@pritheworld) interviews a farm worker in the produce section of a supermarket in Madera, California. Francisco (he chooses not to share his last name, because he’s undocumented), provides insight about what it’s like to harvest the food you’re putting on your plate.

@monica_campbell reports:

“For years, he’s picked produce in Mexico and along the West Coast of the United States. He’s good at it, but there’s one thing on display here that he wouldn’t mind never harvesting again: the tomato.”

The piece also shares information about wages and the value of work:

“I’m proud of the work,” he says. He steps back and looks at the produce aisle like an artist in front of a painting. He likes to see how uniform all the produce looks, even though most of it is too expensive for him to afford. But he knows all the hard work that goes into making it look just right.

Read the full piece here.