Can fish be both sustainable and kosher? Award-winning author and fisheries/sustainability expert Paul Greenberg sets out to answer that question by exploring the complexities and nuances of how we place value on our food. Read his latest piece, examining sustainability through the lens of faith, at the New York Times.

Greenberg writes:

“Which salmon should we eat? The Lord gave us both free choice and a compulsion to study and debate. Learn the issues, ye diners, and choose accordingly.”

In the piece, Greenberg deconstructs various types of seafood, and consults with religious scholars about the topic. A well-considered and unexpected piece about how personal values and faith traditions can influence food choices. Greenberg’s conclusion? There are no easy answers.

Greenberg was recently interviewed about his work and sustainable fisheries by NPR in a piece entitled The Great Fish Swap: How America is Downgrading its Seafood Supply. You can listen to that interview here.