Meatless Mondays, health concerns and rising prices have dampened beef consumption. Or not, depending on who is talking. Regardless, demand among a group of consumers regarded as being key to the future of Texas beef is waning: millenials. And Texas beef producers have levied themselves to fund a marketing campaign designed to win that particular consumer group over.

The New York Times reports on the activities of the Beef Council:

“The group uses custom-made promotions for younger consumers, said Linda Bebee, the council’s vice president for domestic marketing.

Because millennials lack “cooking confidence,” the council targets them with how-to events like “Girls Gone Grilling” — where young women are invited to beef-centric grilling demonstrations — and online videos.”

American consumption of beef has declined about 17% since 2007, while consumption of beef has increased in other nations, including China and India.

For the full article, published by the New York Times (via the Texas Tribune), click here.