Chef Jose Andres brings five meals to the table, in a blog that shares culture and highly-practical instructions on how to convert a 4-pound chicken into 5 flavorful recipes. This piece is a gem: a personal account about a family’s foodways, some detailed and technical instructions on how to deconstruct a chicken carcass (no waste here), and flavorful recipes that are, by turns, comforting, zesty, and elegant.

The chef writes:

“For many, fall means going back to school and five nights of putting dinner on the table on a busy schedule. It can be exhausting, and it can also be costly. Don’t worry, because I’m going to show you how to take one ingredient, a four-pound chicken, and make five different meals out of it. That’s right, five. You can do it, you’ll see. Next time you go to the store and pick up a chicken from your butcher, you’re not just going to think about going home and roasting it anymore. You’re going to think about how many different meals you can make from the wings, the thighs, the breasts—even the gizzards! All it takes to stretch an ingredient is a little creativity…”

To link to the recipes, available from The Plate (which is part of the National Geographic Food website), click here.
P.S. to readers: We tried the Chicken Catalan and Spinach recipe. It was delicious and easy to prepare!