Cinco de Mayo is a popular annual celebration of Mexican-American culture. It’s a day that honors a victorious battle fought during the French-Mexican War. But many people think of it as an excellent day to enjoy Mexican food. We have to agree.

nopales by dotpolka
Nopales by dotpolka

Mexican Food is Healthy

Say “Mexican food” and many people imagine fried foods, smothered in cheese, with plenty of sour cream. It’s delicious food, but not considered healthy cuisine that fights diseases.

Two professors in the San Francisco Bay Area, however, believe traditional, indigenous food from Mexico (available before the Spanish colonists arrived) is misunderstood and is actually among the world’s healthiest foods.

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Historic Mexican Laborer Photos

Long lost photos of Mexican farm laborers of the 1950s were recently discovered and published in Time Magazine.

Some of those striking black and white images haven’t been seen since the original story was published in the Saturday Evening Post in 1957.

They show the immigration issue is nothing new.

The Braceros

1942. Braceros on their way to Los Angeles. Source: University of California, Los Angeles.

Understanding these Bracero laborers is an important way to gain perspective on the current Mexican-United States immigration debate, and how it might affect food prices and farm labor issues.

Learn about the original Bracero program, including an interview with a UC Merced college professor born to a Bracero family. You’ll also hear how California farmers are dealing with the impacts of the current immigration debate.

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Mexican Kids and California 4-H

A new partnership between California 4-H and Baja California will give Mexican youth access to educational resources from University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR).

The seeds are just beginning to grow. The new youth program will be a model for the rest of Baja California and Mexico.

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