Making big headlines this week was Chipotle’s renouncement of “ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.” Chipotle indicated that GMOs don’t “align” with the company’s notion of “food with integrity.”

But some are pointing out what they perceive to be hypocrisy in the announcement. For example, the soda being sold at the restaurant chain contains corn syrup, which is nearly always derived from GMO corn.

Dan Charles (@nprDanCharles) reports for NPR’s The Salt:


Here at The Salt, though, we’ve been hearing from people who think Chipotle’s stance shows little integrity at all. Rather, it shows a double helping of marketing hype, they say. Greg Jaffe, the expert on GMOs at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, calls it “hypocritical” and based on “smoke and mirrors.” The Washington Post, meanwhile, accused the company of joining a “global propaganda campaign.”

Why? Here are five reasons.


And the five reasons as reported in the piece? Soda. The “superweed” double standard. Salt. Science. Meat. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

A provocative read.



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