The recent uptick in female-owned and operated farms has led to a creative venture that is documenting their work on the land. Audra Mulkern’s The Female Farmer Project tells the stories of women who work in agricultural enterprises, through portraits and blogs. Mulkern is a self-described “farm-to-table documentarian.”

Isis Madrid (@mellamoisis) reports for Good.


While this is all promising, the average age of a female farmer in the US is 58. Inspiring girls and women to step into farming in a leadership role is crucial to keep the momentum, and Mulkern hopes her project can be of aid.

What I see is bigger than what the numbers show,” Mulkern told BUST. “I’ve been on farms in a lot of different areas, and different kinds of farms, and what I’m seeing is that women are rising and so to be a small part in documenting that is such an honor.”