Chipotle is at the vanguard of “fast casual” dining in America. The restaurant chain is winning accolades for its commitment to sustainability, and for its fresh-to-order food. But the seemingly endless array of food combinations does invite some questions: What are people actually ordering? And how healthy is a Chipotle meal?

A team from the New York Times set out to answer these and other questions. What they learned may surprise you.

How many calories are consumers eating in a typical Chipotle meal?

“Today, we have a ballpark estimate. The typical order at Chipotle has about 1,070 calories. That’s more than half of the calories that most adults are supposed to eat in an entire day. The recommended range for most adults is between 1,600 and 2,400.”

And what about other measures of a meal’s health, such as sodium and saturated fat?

“The distributions of two other metrics of a meal’s health — salt and saturated fat — are just as revealing. Most orders at Chipotle give you close to a full day’s worth of salt (2,400 milligrams) and 75 percent of a full day’s worth of saturated fat.”

The pictures and histograms in the article make this a must-read. Spoiler alert for Chipotle regulars: you may need to down-size your order, but there are plenty of good options on the menu.