At least seven potential 2016 presidential candidates have committed to participate in an Iowa Agriculture Summit slated for early March. Among those scheduled to appear are Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry and Marco Rubio. Potential Democrat candidates have also been invited.

Among the issues up for discussion are production agriculture, biofuels and policies regarding GMOs.

Helena Bottemiller Evich (@hbottemiller) reports for Politico:

“Bruce Rastetter, a prominent GOP donor and major agri-business player, who is organizing the event, hopes to make agriculture a more central issue in the 2016 election cycle. While agriculture is a top industry in Iowa, the bulk of farm policy tends to not be a top focus for candidates vying for support in the state. Candidates’ positions on ethanol, farm subsidies, water quality and biotech attract relatively little mainstream media attention.”