The California Food Policy Council (CFPC) has issued its 2014 report on legislation related to food and farming. The Council’s policy work group analyzed twenty-two bills from this legislative session that the group indicated could “positively influence food system reform.”

The report indicated that the stakeholders interested in achieving food reform have reached a “critical mass” that is increasingly able to engage policy makers through the legislative process.

Some key legislative achievements noted by the group include:

“…those that seek to protect our state’s pollinators and support for urban agriculture, the latter of which carries over the policy making momentum from the 2013 session. AB 2413, which formally establishes the Office of Farm to Fork, can be a statewide office of significant opportunity for food and farming stakeholders depending on how well it is funded to carry out its mission. In the 2014-15 state budget, the Department of Social Services and advocates reinstated CalFresh and CalWORKs eligibility for individuals convicted of a controlled substance felony, and who complete or are meeting conditions of their parole or probation.”

To access the full report, which is free of charge, click on this link to reach a PDF published by the CFPC.