This week is nearly a wrap. I hope it’s been a good one. Looking forward to the weekend, some #goodreads and #goodlistens, ICYMI.

Gardening Resources

Wanting to work in the garden this weekend? Growing food? Need help? The UC ANR Master Gardeners are available to assist. Learn more.

WWII Garden Poster

Dreaming about what you might do in your garden? ICYMI, consider this piece about edible gardens. Want to dig into the history of Victory Gardens? A couple of offerings in this area…

First, a segment of a poem by Ogden Nash that appeared in House and Garden in 1943, the height of the WWII Victory Garden movement. (Nash was a Victory Garden contrarian, to be honest).

“Today, my friends, I beg your pardon,
But I’d like to speak of my Victory Garden.
With a hoe for a sword and citronella for armor,
I ventured forth and became a farmer …”

Second, Victory Gardens, past and present.


Podcasts for the Weekend

You know that I’m a sucker for good podcasts. Here are a couple of recommendations for the weekend.

The Sporkful  Why Lefties Buy Less Soup. This episode is all about taste. Taste is complex; it not only involves our tongue and nose, but many other factors. Host Dan Pashman speaks with Professor Charles Spence (Oxford). Spence is the author of Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating. Lots of brain science. Related: A piece about Spence’s work on the psychology of packaging; it appears on the Flexography website. #love

Gastropodcast  Peanuts: Peril and PromiseIf you’re new to Gastropod, be ready for an exquisite and tasteful experience learning about the world of food through the lens of science and history. The site features excellent visual curation, superb writing, and a fine podcast (about 47 minutes in length). Come hungry…you’ll want to savor every bite! Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley co-host.


Profile of Farm Activist Ben Burkett

In this Q&A, Burkett – who currently serves as president of the National Family Farm Coalition – shares lessons learned and more. By Siena Chrisman for Civil Eats. #goodread 


Producers Count: Participate in the USDA’s 2017 Ag Census

Have a great weekend!