Hope you’re having a great day! Here’s a brief round up of news we thought was important and interesting. Today’s space is mostly devoted to two events; information about those is below. But here are some important reads:


Must read: The top five food problems Americans want the next President to fix. A new campaign – Plate of the Union – has launched. A goal? Influence presidential candidates to commit to food system reform. The coalition engaged with a third-party research firm to poll Americans about the food system. Top concerns? Access, marketing to children, the current subsidy system, inequity and environmental sustainability. Twilight Greenaway and Steve Holt have written a terrific piece about the campaign for Civil Eats. Note: this campaign reminds us a bit of Roger Doiron’s Eat the View campaign in 2008, which encouraged presidential candidates to plant a garden at the White House. Read our Q&A with Roger to learn more. We think that worked out pretty well!


Survey: half of food workers go to work sick because they have to. Lynne Shallcross reports on the results of a survey commissioned by Alchemy, “a firm that works with companies across the food chain to improve safety and productivity.” Don’t blame the workers: “A lot of these workers actually depend on every single one of the days that they work for money,” [Jose] Oliva says. “So if you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid.” Discouraging news, but an important call to action for all of us. Appearing in NPR’s The Salt.


Events that you can participate in via livestream or socially. The James Beard Foundation Conference continues today; click here for the livestream. Follow @beardfoundation and #jbfconf2015.

It’s been a packed agenda and amazing conversation so far.

Included? Discussions about soil, new farmers, social justice and financing the future. So much great information! (Our heads are spinn

And here’s a question for everyone to consider and answer:


The New York Times Food For Tomorrow 2015 event is also being held; follow #NYTFFT. Civil Eats is live Tweeting. Some interesting discussion about the political agenda.


And congratulations….Many congratulations to chef, author and activist Bryant Terry, who received a James Beard Foundation Leadership Award for his work to increase awareness around food justice issues and to inspire and empower youth.  You can learn more about Bryant’s work here.




Have a great day!