Water. International: Are there lessons for California agriculture in how Saudi Arabia managed its groundwater? Some think so…take note. Brad Plumer for Vox. Three reasons to care about nitrate runoff. Dead zones, the cost…and more. Bridgit Bowden for Harvest Public Media. Bridgit is a recent grad; we hope to see more of her work. California: Despite El Nino promises, October likely to be dry in California.  Tim Heardon for Capital Press. According to a new report issued by the California Natural Resources Agency, issues in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are “unimaginably complex.” They impact the Western United States…and the world. Pamela Martineau posting for Association of California Water Agencies. The report – “Challenges Facing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta” – is here.


Animals. Carving a new path: training inmate butchers. One challenge: finding the balance between job training and exploitation. Given Whole Foods announcement this week that it would stop sourcing from companies using inmate labor (link to piece by Allison Aubrey, NPR) – and given the serious issues with America’s prison system – this is a particularly timely piece from Jodi Helmer for Civil EatsWe like Helmer’s work; ICYMI, here’s a piece she wrote about hospital farms and healthcare reform. From Philip Brasher at Agri-Pulse: Evangelical leaders launch animal welfare campaign. The “Every Living Thing Matters” campaign invites Christians to “celebrate the wonder and beauty of creation” and “commit to compassionate living.”


Farmers: They grow our food. We like to get to know them better. Nice profile of farmer Matt Vecchie from Food Tank. And read our Q&A with Chris Sayer, a fifth-generation farmer in Ventura County and all around good guy.


Sustainability: ICYMI, The United Nations adopts ambitious #foodwaste reduction goals. The goal is to reduce per capital food waste by half by 2030. Emily Nink reports for Food Tank. Listen up: Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers podcast: “Is God Having a Climate Moment?” Activist Bill McKibben and climate change scientist Katharine Hayhoe discuss climate change, faith…and what we might happen at the upcoming Paris conference. Hosted by Mindy Kay Bricker and Keith Johnson. Highly recommended.


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