The UC Food Observer chooses some important stories for you to read each work day. On today’s menu:


1. Trade dispute.  French farmers turn back trucks with foreign meat, cheese. A big story. Sylvie Corbet (@SylvieCorbet) for the Associated Press.

2. Food safety. The Second Opinion from Trudy Lieberman (@Trudy_Lieberman) for Columbia Journalism Review. A Politico investigation could change the way you look at food safety.”  ICYMI…the referenced piece by Helena Bottemiller Evich (@hbottemiller), which appeared in Politico…Why President Obama and Congress turned their backs on food safety. Pair these pieces: must reads.

3. Read our new Q&A with University of California nutrition researchers and educators Lucia Kaiser and Dorina Espinoza. They talk about their research in SNAP education and what public policies might improve nutrition and food security. Their work is part of UC’s Global Food Initiative.

4. The chemistry of BBQ and you. Rebecca Rupp pens an interesting piece for National Geographic’s The Plate. ICYMI, Rupp also recently wrote about the dark side of sweet tea.

5. ICYMI…Five things you probably didn’t know about living in a food desert. Ingrid Cruz (@ingridiswriting) for Civil Eats.


Have a great day!