Pastry chef Emily Luchetti doesn’t think you should eat dessert every day. She’s concerned about over-consumption of sugar and the attendant issues of Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Luchetti says, “I’ve learned how to put it all into perspective—how to deal with having sugar around me all the time and still lead a healthy life.”

Now Luchetti is pushing her message out. Last summer she penned a manifesto and took to social media, launching a #dessertworthy campaign. The goal? To remind people in a sugar-saturated environment “that sweets should be savored, appreciated, and eaten with care.”

One of the ingredients that might elevate a sweet to #dessertworthy? Luchetti says that’s seasonal fruit.

Krista Holobar (@kjholobar) interviews Luchetti for Civil Eats:


If you eat a dessert that has seasonal fruit in it—fresh strawberries, for example—it tastes so magnificent that it raises the bar for your taste buds. So then if you see a strawberry pie at the diner in December, you’ll look at it and say to yourself, “There’s no way that could be as good, because those strawberries aren’t in season.” In-season produce has so much more flavor, perfume, and texture.


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