Leaders from the United States are expressing concern about a European Union (EU) proposal that would allow its 28 member states to “opt out” of imports of GMO food and animal feed. The U.S. issued a statement saying that it – if approved – the proposal allow the EU to “ignore science-based safety and environmental determinations.”

Spencer Chase (@spencer_chase) reports for AgriPulse:


“We are very disappointed by today’s announcement of a regulatory proposal that appears hard to reconcile with the EU’s international obligations,” [Michael] Froman [U.S. Trade Representative] said. “Moreover, dividing the EU into 28 separate markets for the circulation of certain products seems at odds with the EU’s goal of deepening the internal market.”


There isn’t consensus among EU members about the proposal. For example, Spain, Britain and the Netherlands “have gained support for biotechnology in crop production, while nations such as France and Austria want outright bans.”


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