From all the day’s news about California’s drought, this emerges: a deeply moving piece about Adam Toledo, a young farmer from near Terra Bella, in California’s Central Valley. His well is nearly dry, but he continues to draw deeply from another well…personal resolve.

An important read.

Diana Marcum (@DianaMarcum) writes for the Los Angeles Times:


“If I come home and my wife is sad and my daughters are sad and then I act sad too, what are we going to do? Have a funeral? No!” he shouted. “So, what, we start over. As long as a person is breathing, there’s hope.”

Later, shoveling almond hulls into buckets for the next morning’s feed, he admitted he was tired.

“Sometimes, when you’ve been hanging on for so-so long,” he said, putting down his shovel and stretching his arms overhead, “you dream of letting go.”