Outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia has introduced a new line…and it’s not clothing. Rather, the company – which is dedicated to sustainability – has launched a food line called Patagonia Provisions. One of its new products is shelf-stable smoked salmon. If it’s successful, it could become a model for ethically and sustainably sourced salmon.

To assure that the company is selling sustainably caught salmon, Patagonia has convened an “advisory board of naturalists, fishermen, and other experts.” And there’s a focus on reducing waste by supporting business ventures that use the entire fish.

Patagonia is sourcing its salmon from Yakutat, Alaska, where fishermen “catch salmon in the river itself –as opposed to the open ocean, where many different types of salmon can co-mingle.” Fishermen there use a type of net which “is said to reduce by-catch.” Patagonia has produced a video about these sustainable fishing practices.

Erin Axelrod (@erinaxelrod) reports for Civil Eats:


Why is Patagonia, a global clothing manufacturer and retailer, selling food?

Founder Yvon Chouinard has been chewing on the idea of backpacking food with a purpose for as long as he can remember. And in the case of Patagonia’s salmon, he has big plans. “When we set out to do salmon, we set out to change the salmon industry,” he says.


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