Everyone loves pizza. In fact, it’s estimated that 41 million Americans eat a slice or more, each day. Increasingly, however, pizza makers are feeling pressure. New food nutrition standards for school lunches and menu-labeling rules have thrust pizza into the “nutritional axis of evil,” and threaten to cut into a piece of the pie. And it’s a very big pie: per the linked article, “if pizza were a country, its sales would put it in the top 100 of global gross domestic product.”

Andrew Martin pens an important and in-depth piece for Bloomberg Business about a particular food we love, and how public policies impact those who make it…and us. A fascinating view of how the food lobby works.


Pizza is special, says Lynn Liddle, executive vice president for communications, investor relations, and legislative affairs at Domino’s Pizza and chair of the American Pizza Community — the APC, as it calls itself. “You can’t make pizza in a minute. You can’t drive through. We don’t have fryers,” Liddle says. At the same time, many pizza joints aren’t sit-down restaurants, and sometimes, as the pizza folks have learned recently, the National Restaurant Association just doesn’t get it.”