Handpick is a “food discovery app” that has positioned itself in part as a solution to food waste. The application provides an extensive database of ingredients, and incorporates Instagram, food blogs, recipe sites and ways for users to connect with content and with one another. Handpick isn’t just another cooking or recipe application, however.

The twist? It starts with the ingredients you have on hand, grabbing those looking to cook  in a “kind of pre-recipe stage.”

“If we function as a recipe site, we’ll be giving instructions to people to go buy 10-15 ingredients for a specific meal and they’ll be left with extra ingredients,” says Handpick’s 26-year-old CEO, Payman Netaji. “So we’re trying to reverse-engineer it and say ‘let’s start with the ingredients you have on hand.’”

Twilight Greenaway (@twyspy) reports for Civil Eats:

Netaji says that the way people cook, when they cook, is ripe for a social overhaul. “If I want to cook, I don’t go to a recipe site, I go to social media.”