The University of California (UC) announced today the selection of 54 students to serve as “food fellows” for the institution’s new Global Food Initiative.  The cohort of undergraduate and graduate students represent the research powerhouse’s ten campuses, UC’s Agriculture and Natural Resources division and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

UC’s newsroom reports:

“Fellowship projects will examine urban agriculture, sustainable campus landscapes, agricultural waste streams and biological pest control, among other topics. Some projects will enhance experiential learning, such as constructing new vegetable gardens. Others will support food pantries. Yet other projects will document research through films and social media.”

UC President Janet Napolitano meets with students at a garden.

UC President Janet Napolitano, together with UC’s 10 chancellors, launched the Global Food Initiative in July to help put UC’s campuses, the state and the world on a pathway to sustainably and nutritiously feed themselves. The fellowships will support the work of the initiative’s early action teams and the initiative’s overall efforts to address food security, health and sustainability.

The food fellows will present some of their work in May 2015, at a system-wide gathering.