Two weeks ago the Washington Post published an op-ed co-authored by Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, Ricardo Salvador and Oliver de Schutter. The piece, accessible by clicking on the Washington Post link here, advocated for the creation of a national food policy.

Now, David Festa, the Vice President of the Environmental Defense Fund, responds to this op-ed. He makes two points: Bring stakeholders to the table to help create solutions, and engage elected representatives.

“For the political system to act, stakeholders – in this case farmers, ranchers and food companies – need to know they are a part of the solution and have confidence in the alternatives. Not only is this a political necessity, solutions are more likely to be robust if the people who know the most about our food system help inform policy choices.

Instead of telling them what to do, work with them to create solutions.

Food companies and farmers are already looking at ways to meet growing demands for food while shrinking their impact on the environment.. What can we learn from them?”

To read Festa’s piece, follow this link to Morning Ag Clips. And stay tuned: there’s certain to be more said on the topic.