Scientist James Rogers and his team at Apeel Sciences have developed a line of all-natural antimicrobial films for produce that can prolong shelf life, and in some cases, double it. This could lead to a reduction in food waste, and a reduction in the use of pesticides.

National Geographic reports:

“So how does the antimicrobial film work? The team extracts specific molecules from rejected produce or unused parts (like stalks, leaves and peels), which are used to create a water-based solution; it covers fresh produce in an extra-thin layer of “invisible, tasteless, organic and completely edible” protection.

The team has developed products for both growers and grocers. The edible films are under review with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so the group has “pivoted” to working with the fresh-cut flower industry in the meantime.

You can learn more about this innovation by reading this National Geographic article.