It’s almost a weekend…! On today’s short menu, in no particular order:


30 Under 30 Awards. The University of California Global Food Initiative has announced its “30 Under 30″ awards, designed to honor 30 young leaders who are working toward solving the global food crisis. Nominees may be from within or outside of the UC system and from anywhere in the world. The awards will honor individuals who will be 30 years old or younger in 2016 and who are working or studying in the food industry (writ large).  The focus of their work might be in agriculture, technology, business, cultural studies, education, environmental sustainability, advocacy, food (media, policy, security), public service, social justice, farming and/or research.

The deadline for nominations is February 19th, 2016; submit nominations here. Finalists will be contacted by the selection committee directly and awards will be announced in May. Questions? Email

UC’s Global Food Initiative was launched in July 2014 by UC President Janet Napolitano. The goal? To harness the institution’s resources to address one of the most critical issues of our time…how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach 8 billion by 2025. #GlobalFood


CDC investigating deadly listeriosis outbreak. Dole packaged salads are the “likely source of this outbreak” per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One person has died. Dole has withdrawn products from 23 states and several Canadian provinces. “Retailer and consumer questions about the voluntary withdrawal should be directed to the Dole Food Co. Consumer Response Center at 800-356-3111.” Coral Beach reports for Food Safety News


For those on #winterstorm watch. A helpful food safety infographic: before, during and after a power outage. Source: the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. And something to listen to… we especially like Heritage Radio Network’s “A Taste of the Past” podcast. The most recent one is Evolution of Military Rations and Their Influence on Our Diet. Host Linda Pelaccio (a terrific culinary historian) explores the connection between military research and processed/ready-to-eat foods. Her guest is Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of “Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat.”



Have a wonderful and safe weekend.