Grace Communications Foundation has revamped – and relaunched – its Eat Well Guide. The Eat Well Guide is a project of Sustainable Table, and was originally launched in 2003. It’s a curated, national directory of more than 25,000 farms, farmers’ markets, restaurants, co-ops and other retail outlets that provide locally grown, sustainably produced food. The new guide is mobile-friendly and GPS-driven. Users can search by location or category, or use city guides to create and find tailored listings.

The standards for inclusion are rigorous. The curators don’t charge or accept money in exchange for inclusion.

This is definitely worth a look.

Something else useful from Grace? The water and energy team at Grace Communications recently built a Water Footprint Calculator that will help you assess your water use. It’s easy to use. Grace also accounts for something it calls virtual water: “the water it takes to produce the food we eat, the energy we use and the products we buy.”  This is important, because virtual water is, by far, the largest part of our water footprint.



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