A harbinger of things to come?

Tyson Foods – the nation’s largest poultry producer – announced it will stop “feeding its chickens any antibiotics that are used in human medicine.” In the last year, other producers have announced they will cut back on antibiotic use, but Tyson’s announcement marks a significant shift in the industry.

The changes come amidst rising concerns about antibiotic resistance, and consumer demand that is changing how companies operate in this arena.

Dan Charles (@nprDanCharles) reports for NPR The Salt:


Gail Hansen, a long-time critic of antibiotic use with the Pew Charitable Trust’s Antibiotic Resistance Project called the announcement a really big deal. “Tyson is the big chicken producer,” she said. “Lots and lots of folks are saying that they want to go to fewer and fewer antibiotics, and Tyson is saying, ‘We’re with you. We’re going there, too.’ So this is huge.”

This is a must read piece.


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