An Arkansas lawmaker, Dan Douglas (R), says that his state should ban the sale of California wine because of Proposition 2, an animal welfare law. California’s Proposition 2 requires egg-laying hens be given room in cages “to stand up, turn around and fully extend their wings.” Proposition 2 extends not only to eggs produced within California, but to those imported and sold in the state, which has impacted some Arkansas producers.

The Arkansas house voted to advance the bill to the senate. It “outlaws wine imports from any state that imposes a “substantial burden” on the Arkansas agriculture industry.” It’s estimated that 90% of the wine sold in Arkansas comes from California.

The Associated Press reports:


“We have to show the state of California they cannot force their standards on us,” Douglas said.

Douglas also warned lawmakers that the egg ban is a slippery slope that could lead to other infringements.

“It’s eggs today. Is it chickens tomorrow or cattle on down the road? Is it air quality restrictions?” Douglas said. “This could be just the beginning.”


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