Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead just signed a Food Freedom Act into law. The legislation provides for the deregulation of locally produced foods, promoting direct sales from farm to consumer. The act exempts single transactions between a producer and an “informed end consumer” from government inspection, licensing and certification. Despite some public health concerns, the bill enjoyed widespread support.

Gracy Olmstead (@gracyolmstead) reports on why local food freedom matters for The American Conservative:


Of course products sold nationally, over great distances, may continue to require a standard of public health, so that shoppers know the process by which produce makes it into their grocery carts was sanitary, responsible, and consistent. But why should the standards required for this sort of long-term travel also be applied to direct farm-to-consumer food sales? It’s not only impractical — it’s expensive, for both consumer and producer. And it’s why Wyoming’s Food Freedom Act makes so much sense.