A “workshop on wheels” hosted by the University of California provides Hmong farmers from Fresno County with some resources to access larger markets in the Bay Area. Michael Yang from the UC Cooperative Extension recently led a tour to Oakland and Berkeley for thirty farmers; the idea grew out of a weekly radio show that Yang hosts for Hmong producers. The University wants to show growers that they can expand beyond farmers markets.

Ezra David Romero (@ezraromero) reports for Valley Public Radio:


“It’s kind of an eye-opener for them. If they want to market to bigger distributors they have to come together, put their product together and work from there.”


This work is part of the University of California’s Global Food Initiative, which seeks to harness the institution’s power to address one of the most compelling issues of our time: how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a growing world population. Learn more about the Global Food Initiative here.