The U.S. wastes approximately 40% of its food. Activist Rob Greenfield is trying to change that, by challenging the legal prohibitions against “dumpster diving”, as well as the social stigma. He pledges to pay the fine for anyone who is arrested or cited for recovering or eating tossed food.

In 2014 he set out on a road trip from the heartland to New York City to bring attention to the issue. In every community he’s visited, he’s found enough tossed food to feed hundreds of people.

Tove Danovich reports:

“Dumpster diving is not the answer to The Global Food Waste Scandal, but it really brings it to the attention of others and gets people thinking. If everybody saw what was happening and the amount of food being thrown away, we would have a drastically changed society tomorrow,” he adds.

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Learn more about Rob Greenfield by visiting his website.